FPS Plastic, OEM Adaptable Fitting Flowmeter Model FT2


  • Flow Ranges: 0.01 to 160 litres /min water
  • Accuracy: 1-2% FSD
  • Repeatability: 0.1%
  • Pressure: Maximum 15 barg
  • Temperature: Maximum 125ºC
  • Process Connections: BSP ¼˝, ½˝, ¾˝ and 1˝, Hose 8mm and 13mm
  • Materials of Construction: Body: FPS plastic (Polyphenylsulfone)
    ‘O’ Ring Seals: Viton (options nitrile, EPDM and specials)
    Turbine: PVDF or PP
    Bearings: Sapphire
    Magnet: Ceramic
  • Output Signal: Hall effect or Optical Sensor


  • Process Connections: Flange fitting and other OEM connections
  • Displays: See displays section for digital, rate, totalisers and batch control options