Real Solutions at a Realistic Cost

Caché Instrumentation offers intelligent instrumentation solutions for numerous applications, covering an array of market sectors. Caché uses a consultancy approach to understand the needs of customers and by using their technical knowledge and expertise, customised solutions are proposed, combining quality, reliability and performance at the best possible price.

Our Solutions are created by considering the following elements:

Customer Needs

Caché has adopted a consultancy approach to fully understand the needs of every customer, irrespective of their industry sector.

Application Specific

Caché has immense technical knowledge in all areas of instrumentation, as well as expertise and experience of delivering application specific solutions in numerous markets.

Find it difficult to specify suitable products to an application? Caché is the place to consult. Our application engineers are always available to help and are exposed to a multitude of applications everyday. If we can solve an application, we will specify the most economical, fit for purpose solution, from our wide range of leading edge technology measurement portfolio.


Our aim is to deliver solutions that have an optimal performance rate and we ensure that our products are selected on merit from our vast range. Our one stop shop offers you convenience and allows us flexibility to deliver you a range of solutions for your application.

Do you have a need for an instrumentation product to meet a specific requirement that is not currently met by industry, or need a variant, then contact us.

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